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Introducing Safety Modules

A configurable “protection cap” solution to protect your users and grow your protocol

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DeFi users total losses since 2017


Despite good intentions and security practices, users' funds are at risk—stunting confidence and suppressing growth.

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Introducing the Safety Module

Protect your users with a Safety Module

Create a dedicated pool of capital reserved to pay out your users up to a specified cap. Protect against hacks, exploit, or other emergency.

Protocol Protection

Set custom coverage caps and transparent payout logic to protect all your users. Kickstart with balance sheet funding, then incentivize user contributions for sustainable growth.


Ecosystem Protection

Instead of a safety module per project, protect users across your entire chain or ecosystem! Whitelist selected projects to protect and crowdsource incentivizes to grow with contributions from users.




Easy Setup

Easy setup of custom caps, transparent coverage, and payout logic decisions.

Protection cap per user


Protects against



Missing funds

Bad debt

DAO Voting

Initiate and control payouts via your community.

3rd Party Voting

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Initiate and control payouts via neutral 3rd party UMA voting.


Safety Module Funds


Funding sources


Start with your

balance sheet


Increase sustainably by

directing fees


Incentivize contribution

with rewards

Easy UI

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Safety Module Funds


Rewards Active


Grow by enabling contributions

All without using your own funds

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LP Tokens

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Offer rewards

as incentives

ie. 200 tokens/day


Streamlined, trustless payouts

Everything you need to get your users their funds back quickly and efficiently.

Easy payout UI

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Anti-sybil protection

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User Confidence

Give users confidence at the most critical moments.

When confirming transactions

Alongside your audits

In fund dashboards

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Your UI

Your project's own Safety Modules Page

For Projects

Protect your users

Easy Setup

Set custom payout caps

Payout logic templates

Set transparent expectations

Flexible funding methods

No-hassle claims

For Your Users

Funds are protected

Increased confidence

Transparent expectations

Trustless claims process

Included UIs

Create UI

Safety Module Page

Admin Supply/Withdraw Funds

Reward Manager


Claims (Coming soon)

Frequently Asked Questions

Projects that are protecting their users

Audited and Secure

Protocol Security

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April 2023

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March 2024

Create your Safety Module

Everything your need to start protecting your users. Configure and deploy in minutes.

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